INFOOT USB (Standard Type)


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What is 'INFOOT' ?

INFOOT is 3 dimensional foot scanner which is the optical laser scanning system. INFOOT scans a foot form and the anatomical landmark points, and measures automatically almost 20 measuring items (marker needed) as maximum.

To run INFOOT system, Micorosoft Windows PC required, and connection between INFOOT and PC is USB 2.0 cable only.

What is scanned foot data used for ?

Scanned foot data is used for Foot morphological analysis for research purposes, Shoe last design, and also shoe selection based on 3D foot data.

What kind of data do I obtain ?

Raw scan data is point clouds, and is saved as binary FBD data format which consist of foot form point clouds and Landmark positions. FBD file can be exported by File Converter (Optional software) to CSV, DXF, VRML and STL.

Please see measurement item details.



  1. Low Price.
  2. Fast scanning.
  3. High Accuracy.
  4. 13 measuring points and 20 measuring items.
  5. Historical foot data storage based on FootID.
  6. iTouch informational service available if feet data were uploaded to iTouch server.
  7. Real size printing available with optional printing module.
  8. This scanner body is compact, and you are able to carry it with the optional carry case.
View of the foot shape
Dots Polygon mesh Surface model
Dots Polygon mesh Surface model


Scanner Specification
Product 3 Dimensional Foot Scanning system
Product Name INFOOT USB Standard Type
Product Model IFU-S-01
Dimensions 685(L)×400(W)×310(H) mm
Power Supply 100-240V ±10% 50/60Hz
Power Consumption Max 150W
Gross Weight 24Kg
Temperature 15-40 °C
Humidity 35-60 %
Setting Place In room use only, and Flat level floor setting
Scanning Spec
Scan speed 30 mm/sec and 15mm/sec
Data Processing About 10 sec/foot
Accuracy 1.0mm step : Y(W)-Z(H)=1mm, X(L)=2mm
0.5mm step : Y(W)-Z(H)=1mm, X(L)=1mm
Data Format FBD (Original binary data format)
Scan Area 400(L)×200(W)×150(H) mm
Scanning Target Human Foot, Land Marker
Max Object Size Less than L=380mm, W=180mm
Weight Limit 200 Kg/person
Prohibition Absorption and Reflection of laser and brightness
PC requirement
PC PC/AT compatible PC with USB2.0 Interface
OS Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10 (32 bit, 64 bit)
CPU x86 compatible 2.0GHz or more
(Multi-core CPU recommended)
RAM 2GB or more
Screen resolution 1024x768 pixels or more
(1280x800 pixels or more recommended)
HDD 30 - 40 GB HDD is accepted with 20MB free space for INFOOT software installation.
Others CD-ROM readable drive required.

Dimension Figure (unit mm)

Dimension Figure