Privacy Policy

What This Policy Covers

I-Ware Laboratory Co., Ltd, hereinafter called "IWL", provides iTouch Information Service, hereinafter called "Our Service", which uses human body information collected by human body scanners, hereinafter called "Scanners", manufactured by IWL. When you make use of Our Service, IWL collects, uses, stores and protects information about you.

This Privacy Policy, hereinafter called "The Policy", was created to help you understand how information about you is collected, stored, shared, protected and used, as well as your right in this regard.

The Information We Collect

IWL will collect information about you as described in this section to achieve purposes described in the section "Purposes of Collecting Information about You". Such information IWL collects contains information provided by you directly, information IWL collects when you use Our Service and information collected by third parties.

Human Body Information

When scanning by Our Scanner, information described below is collected.

  • Human body shape
  • Anatomical landmark position
  • Body measurement
  • Pressure distribution
  • Automatically generated ID (iTouch ID, Foot ID)
  • Name, date of birth, gender, preference of sports, scanning location (country), ethnicity
  • Scanning posture and scanning history
Information Collected When Using Our Service

When you use Our Service, information described below is collected.

  • Size information and product information of products you try on.
  • Your preference and wearing feel of products.
Customer Inquiries

When you inquire questions to IWL, information described below is collected.

  • Your name
  • Email Address
  • Phone number
Device Information

When you use Our Service or validate communication protocols such as cookie, web beacons, unique identifiers and other related technologies, hereinafter called "Cookie Technology", IWL automatically collects certain information about you and device you are using.

Such information may include:

  • Operating System and internet connection related Information
  • Referrer
  • IP Address
  • URL viewed and time stamp of time viewed
  • Server log information other than above

Purpose of Collecting Information about You

IWL uses your body measurements for size selection, designing and manufacturing of clothes and shoes. Also, IWL uses information such as your recorded fitting historis, wearing feel and body measurement as a reference for other customers who use Our Service to enhance wearing feel. Also, collected body measurements is used for statistical analysis to obtain data such as size distribution or average shape, as well as your fitting history and wearing feel to optimize product design.

Other than above described, IWL uses information about you to provide services described below:

  • To log in iTouch Information Service
  • To use services and contents IWL provides
  • To optimize currently provided services and develop new services
  • To prevent, investigate and identify illegal accesses to protect legal rights of IWL and/or third parties.
  • To conduct marketing communication
  • To appropriately respond to customer inquires

Informations Storage

IWL severely stores and protects information about you as long as it needs to achieve purposes defined in The Policy. Also, IWL may restore and use deleted information about you for the sake of legal duty, resolution of conflicts and fulfillment of contracts.

Users of Information about You


IWL needs to access information about you to develop sophisticated services and provide them to you. IWL uses information about you collected in accordance with The Policy for the purposes defined in The Policy.

Users of Our Service

IWL will provide certain relevant information about you with other users, clients who uses Our Service depending on the contents of Our Service. People who are provided Our Service might use certain information about you for purposes such as product developments by analysis of the information or other means. Also, fitting history and/or fitting feel provided by you might be used to enhance fitting feel of other users. Information which can identify individuals such as name is not included.

Information about you provided on your own directly to users of Our Service is not included in The Policy.

Other Third Parties

In addition to above mentioned, IWL may disclose your information to certain trusted third party service providers, including those located outside of Japan, where necessary to carry out our business operation. IWL will only disclose your information in compliance with applicable law, and with the appropriate management and supervision of the relevant third party. Judicial or regulatory authorities may request access to or disclosure of information about you for law enforcement purposes. IWL will only respond to such requests only when those are necessary and legitimate in accordance with our internal policy and applicable law.

Additionally, IWL may disclose information about you to other third parties in case where it is necessary to prevent or alleviate illegal activities or to protect life, body, or property.

IWL will not use or disclose information about you for purposes not set in The Policy without taking necessary step in advance as requested under applicable law. Regardless of purposes, IWL will not sell or rent information about you without your consent.

Your Choices

IWL never collects information about you without your consent. In case you do not wish to provide information about you, you can decide not to provide IWL with such information. However, in such a case, you may not be able to use all of Our Service.

Modification and Deletion

You can request IWL to access, delete and limit information about you which you have provided. In case you do not wish to use our service, please contact IWL directly. IWL will fulfill your request accordingly. Depending on the nature of your request, IWL may not be able to fulfill your request. Please contact with IWL via the method described in section "Contact Us".


IWL is committed to prevent illegal access or leakage of information about you, maintain accuracy of such information, delete such information when necessary, comply with applicable law and handle such information with high security standards. IWL encrypts information about you when it is transferred and only provides access to those people who need such information to conduct business operations.

This service is operated within Japan, hence, in case you live in outside of Japan, information about you will be transferred and stored in Japan. Your information may be transferred across borders to fulfill your request, complete transactions, establish, conduct and protect legal requests. When being allowed by local law, using Our Service and provision of information about you are considered as your consents of transfer of such information across borders and any other activities described in The Policy.

IWL will not take responsibility for any losses or damages to the extent that liability is not attributed to IWL.

Change to this Privacy Policy

IWL may change or amend The Policy when necessary. In such a case, relevant changes will be shown on this page. Please check the latest version of The Policy occasionally.

Contact Us

If you wish to modify or delete information you have provided with IWL, or have any questions regarding the contents of This Policy or how IWL handle such information, please send an email to:

I-Ware Laboratory Co., Ltd. - Inquiry Counter
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Last Update : 2018/08/16