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INFOOT 2 is an optical 3D scanning device for measuring the the human foot and its anatomical dimensions.
Using an USB 3.0 connection to a host PC, measuring foot data can be done with the included software.

The 3D shape data is optically captured by 8 cameras with a red laser plane that sweeps the foot.
Scanning takes 2 seconds to perform.
Afterwards the data is sent to the PC via USB 3.0 and the 3D shape & dimensions of the foot are avalible for viewing.

Acquireable Data

The foot shape data is saved as a proprietary 3D binary point cloud format.
This format can be converted using our optional "File Converter" software into common CAD formats such as CSV, DXF, STL.

To obtain anatomical feature points (bone position, etc) of the foot landmark markers can be applied to the foot.
As a result of these anatomical feature points, it is possible to accurately measure foot dimensions such as foot length, ball girth circumference, foot width, etc.
All foot scans and dimension measurements are associated with the ID of the subject and stored in the database.

For further details see section "Details of Measurements"


  1. Anatomical Dimensions
  2. INFOOT 2 obtains anatomical landmark feature points of the foot by attaching up to 15 landmark markers to the foot.
    Based on those landmark feature points up to 37 different measurements can be caluclated.
    Examples of landmarks and dimensions
    At I-Ware Lab, the most critical aspect of foot measurment is that it is based on scientifically reproducable measurement definitions. These definitions can then be rewritten as what constitutes a foot.
  3. NEWCoverless Scanning
  4. With the new INFOOT 2 cameras we are able to suppress the effects of ambient light sources.
    This allows for coverless scanning of feet indoors without having to shroud the feet with a light obscuring cover.
  5. NEWGlass Heating System: Foot Sole Noise Prevention
  6. For the INFOOT series in order to acquire the shape of the foot sole, the foot rests on tempered glass during measurment.
    In previous INFOOT systems water vapor on the foot sole would condense on the glass surface to temperature differential.
    This condensed water would proceed to refract the laser resulting in measurement noise.

    To address this issue an added option for the INFOOT 2 is offered to include a glass heating.

    The glass heating system warms the glass surface, preventing condesation via eliminating the temperature differential between the foot and the glass surface.
    As a result, we are able to significantly mitigate the measurement noise near the sole of the foot.

  7. UpdatedOptimal Balance Between Accuracy and Speed
  8. Compared to the previous model INFOOT USB, the INFOOT 2 measures 4x faster.
    This speed was achieved using a newly developed camera capture board and high speed USB 3.0 cable.
    Foot scanning approximately takes 2 seconds per foot and achieves an accuracy error of less than 1.0mm for ball girth circumference. (Data transfer and processing time of scan data can take between 15-20 seconds per foot depending on the host PC specifications.)
  9. UpdatedSafety and Reliability
  10. The INFOOT series has been favored by customers from all over the world for a wide range of purposes, from store operators to academic researchers.
    In terms of safety, INFOOT 2 has undergone the CE /MET certification safety standards.
    The lasers used within are Class 1 (JIS C 6802) therefore there is no worry about eye hazards when looking directly at the laser beam.
  11. Measurable surfaces
  12. INFOOT 2 can measure a wide variety of object surfaces with high accuracy such as barefeet, socked feet, and foot/shoe last models.
  13. User Historical Foot Data Record
  14. The INFOOT 2 will issue an iTouch ID to each person who measures their feet.
    This iTouch ID is used across measuring sessions associated to that person.
    This historical record for the user's feet is avalible for later viewing.
    You can check the 3D foot scans anytime with iTouch Foot Information Service
  15. Portability
  16. A robust carrying case is avalible as an option.
  17. Software Service Integrations
  18. The data measured by INFOOT 2 can be linked with various services provided by I-Ware Lab.
    These service integrations can be useful for foot-related research and business developments.
  19. One Stop Shop
  20. INFOOT 2 is handled consistently from development, manufacturing, sales and support (domestic) by I-Ware Lab.

Optional Softwares

INFOOT 2 comes with standard core applications for measuring feet. This include:

In addition to the above, we also offer various optional softwares.

INFOOT Optional Software
  1. File Converter
  2. Application for converting INFOOT 2's proprietary foot binary data format to commonly used CAD formats.
  3. Real Size Print
  4. Software for printing the parting line, ground plane, foot circumference, cross section, etc of the foot shape data measured by INFOOT 2 in A4 or A3 full size paper.
  5. Foot Reformer
  6. Application for deforming the 3D foot shape along the sole by bending or ad-hoc height alterations desired by the user.


Point Cloud
Point Cloud
Surface Model
Surface Model
Bottom of Foot
Foot Sole


Type of Product 3D Foot Scanning System
Product Name INFOOT 2
Product Model Code IFU2-S-01
Dimensions 633(L) × 352(W) × 300(H) mm
Power Supply 100-240V∼ ±10% 50/60Hz (AC adapter included)
Power Consumption DC24V 5A (120W max.)
Total Weight*1 (Body Weight) 22kg (18kg)
Safety Agency Approvals CE, MET
Glass Heating ITO thin film
Major Accessories Foot stages
AC adapter
USB 3.0 cable 1m
USB 3.0 active repeater cable 3m
Calibration kit
Model foot
Softwares (Measure, Tester, DBController)*2
USB licence key
*1 includes a pair of foot stages and an AC adapter *2 provided by download
Temprature 15°C ∼ 40°C
Humidity 35% ∼ 60%
Installation Location Indoor use only
(Avoid direct sunlight. Addtionally avoid placing near red/orange colored light sources or POP)
Scan Speed 60, 120mm/sec (about 2 second for a foot)
Processing Time approx. 15 ∼ 20 sec/foot (when 8 or more logical processors)
Accuracy 1.0mm step : Y(W)-Z(H)=1mm, X(L)=1mm
0.5mm step : Y(W)-Z(H)=1mm, X(L)=0.5mm
Data Format FBD (proprietary binary data format)
Scan Area 380(L) × 200(W) × 150(H) mm
Target for Scan Human foot, Landmarks
(It may not be possible to scan objects which absorb laser or are lustrous.)
Maximum Size for Scan L=380mm, W=180mm
Weight Limit 200kg
PC Requirements
OS Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 11 (32 bit, 64 bit)
CPU Intel CPU, 8 or more logical porosessors (Recommended number of threads is 10 or more)
Memory 4GB or more
Interface USB 3.0 ×1, USB 2.0 ×1 (USB 3.0 for scanner, USB 2.0 for licence key)
Resolution 1024×768 pixels or more (1280×800 or more recommended)
Storage 20MB for software installation
(Approximately 1MB is required for each scan, i.e. a couple of foot data.)
Connecting Conditions A USB 3.0 active repeater cable(3m) and a USB3.0 cable(1m) that are provided by I-Ware Lab as accessories are required to connect a PC and the scanner.
The scanner is not guaranteed to run in case the hub, cable and an active repeater cable other than the ones I-Ware specifies are used.

Dimensions (unit:mm)

INFOOT 2 Dimensions