iTouch Information Service


iTouch Information Service is a general name for a group of services offered by I-Ware Lab via iTouch Server.
More than a million feet data sent by INFOOT users all across the globe are stored in iTouch Server and these are used for services and analysis.

In iTouch Information Service, other than foot data storage, a variety of B2B web service are offered such as Fitting & Reviews and Foot Analysis.
These web services are provided as API which can be integrated into existing web pages or services such as e-commerce.

iTouch Foot Information Service

iTouch Information Services

iTouch Foot Information Service is the core service of iTouch Information Service where users can store, browse and manage the information of foot.
Every subject of scanning is issued an iTouch ID with which I-Ware Lab's other services can be combined.

When scanning with INFOOT, the subject is issued the iTouch ID.
Users can choose to send the scan data to iTouch Server managed by I-Ware Lab.
Each subject can refer and manage their foot data sent to iTouch Server by using iTouch ID.

Also, users can use their iTouch ID as a key to connect various services with their own foot data.
Examples areļ¼š

Fitting & Reviews

Fitting & Reviews are composied of functions such as:

  • Foot-shoe matching suggestion
  • Reviewing of fitting
  • Foot-shoes related feedback of reviews
all of which are connected as a single flow.
API can be provided and integrated into existing web pages or e-commerce websites.

By using INFOOT, precise anatomical landmarks can be obtained.
To analyse shoes, Last Analysis Service can be used to generate fitting algorithm based on the shape of shoe lasts.

Foot Analysis Service

Foot Analysis Service is a web service which analyse and display the features of measurements scanned by INFOOT.
Analysis items include foot measurements, difference between right and left foot, and statistical data based on more than a million feet data stored in iTouch Server. This service shoes what features the foot has automatically.

The design of the analysis result can be customized and exported as PDF, so that it can be displayed on a tablet computer or printed out.
If this is used in a store, this will help customer understand what shoes are better for them.

Custom Insole Service

In Custom Insole Service, users can generate and download insole data or even manufacture an insole, which are generated from foot data scanned by INFOOT and insole base data created from shoe last, so that it fits on both foot and a shoe.

  1. Generating 3D insole shape data and downloading it
  2. Generating insole milling data (NC data) and download it
  3. Manufacturing the actual insoles
can be done partially or entirely on the web.

To get insole base data, Last Analysis Service or LastMeasure + Kagami-Method Plugins must be used.

The Other Services and APIs

Other than above mentioned, I-Ware Lab offers and develops a variety of services which are related to iTouch Information Service and these are available through APIs.
Foot Measurement API

Foot Measurement API can obtain information such as foot measurements, which was scanned and sent to iTouch server before, as a JSON or XML file through the web every time it sends.
This enables users to use measurements obtained by INFOOT for their own web services and the other.

Foot Picture API

From foot data scanned by INFOOT and sent to iTouch server,

  • 3D rendering images of foot
  • images of contour lines of the bottom foot
can be obtained through the web.

Foot CAD data API

Foot data scanned by INFOOT is saved as FBD format. I-Ware Lab offers an API which convert FBD files to STL, OBJ and the other general CAD format. Those data can be gained through the web.
This enables users to render and convert foot data in their own server.