Last Analysis Service


Last Analysis Service is the service where shoes lasts are scanned and measurements of the lasts are obtained.
In case users can provide 3D data, it is possible to obtain measurements from the data.
"Kagami-Method" is used as definitions of obtaining measurements. Measurements obtained by this service are comparable with human feet or other shoe lasts.

It is also possible to grade the lasts based on the definition, generate data for creating insoles and another type of data which can be used for Fitting & Reviews.

Those data can be used for the other I-Ware Lab's services and R&D of shoe lasts.
Or, the analysis can be done to find for what shape and measurements of foot the shoe last is made.

Last Analysis Service


Scanning of a shoe last and 3D data generation.

Users provide actual shoe lasts and I-Ware Lab will conduct 3D scanning of the lasts.
Repair scratches or unevenness of the 3D data.
In case users have 3D data already, please submit the data to I-Ware Lab.

3D data of shoe lasts are split to the bottom and the upper.
Then, the edge between the bottom and the upper is re-generated, so that the sharp edge can be obtained.

Also, to generate insole, insole base data, which is a flatten shape of the bottom of the shoe last, can be generated this time.
This data can be used for designing and manufacturing insoles and I-Ware Lab's Custom Insole Service.

Kagami-Method Fundamental Lines

By using Kagami-Method, measurements of shoe lasts can be obtained.
By quantifying with Kagami-Method, comparison between a shoe last and different kind of shoe lasts or even foot can be achieved.

note On Kagami-Method, please visit Kagami-Method School.

Obtained measurements can be analysed.
Estimate what kind of foot would match with the analysed last by reverse-calculating.
What kind of features the analysed shoe last has compared with other lasts.

Applications for other service

The result of analysis can be used for services below:

which are provided by I-Ware Lab.