Fitting & Reviews


Fitting & Reviews is I-Ware's web service which;

  1. Suggests the shoe and its size based on each foot.
  2. Accumulates reviews of fitting information.
  3. Feedbacks foot-shoe information.
Its API can be integrated to existing web pages or e-commerce websites to use the service.

Fitting & Reviews


Creating a shoe database and fitting algorithm

To use Fitting & Reviews, firstly, shoe database has to be created.
Then, the information about "this size of this shoe fits on what foot" is added and Create a fitting algorithm for each model of shoe, which is related to the shoe database.

By using Shoe Last Analysis Service, it is possible to create more reliable fitting algorithm based on the shoe last shape.
Also, the algorithm can be more accurate by updating it with the reviews.

"Fitting" and "Review"

Based on an individual foot, measurements and fitting preferences, Fitting & Reviews suggests the size of a given shoe which fitting algorithm calculates.

INFOOT can obtain accurate foot measurements based on anatomy.
Then, by using Foot Analysis Service together, descriptive statistical features can be obtained from the foot data scanned by INFOOT.

Feeling of size and fitting of the heel and toe can be reviewed by those people who have actually wore the shoe.

Feedback of Review

Those accumulated reviews are connected with information of both shoes and feet. Hence, by analyzing the reviews, users can develop new products and fitting algorithms can be improved.
The relation between review and purchase can also be analized.