Custom Insole Service


In this service, customized insoles, which can fit on feet and shoes can be manufactured by using foot data scanned by INFOOT and insole base data generated from the shoe last. Or, data to manufacture customized insoles can be downloaded.

  1. Generating 3D shape data of insoles and downloading
  2. Generating NC data of insoles and downloading
  3. Manufacturing actual insoles (both sides miled)
can be done on the web.

Custom Insole


Using both of these, insole shape data which fits on both foot shape and shoe shape can be generated.

Insole Base

First, "Insole Base", whose shape is as if the flatten bottom shape of shoe lasts, has to be generated.
Insole base has to be made for each size of each shoe model.
Thanks to insole base, the bottom shape of insole fits on a shoe nicely so that misalignment of the shoe and insole does not happen.
Thereby, location of foot inside the shoe can be controlled.

Insole bases are databased and related to information such as shoe model in iTouch server.

Generating 3D insole shape data

Once shoe and its size are chosen and foot data is sent to iTouch server, shape data of insole will be generated by using the foot data and insole base.

The process of customization (script) is prepared for each shoe model and insole shape is generated in accordance with the process.
Generated insole data can be downloaded in a general 3D CAD file format as well.

Generating insole milling data

NC data is automatically generated to mill both sides of an insole.

In case only downloading NC data, setting information of milling machines such as spinning speed of the main axis and milling method are required.
In case using a few kinds of milling machines, please select the milling machine setting, generate and download the NC data.

Structure of Insole

Manufacture an insole by milling both sides.

Once insole material is choses, 3-axis milling machine, which I-Ware Lab has especially developed to mill insole, will mill both sides.
By milling both sides, an insole which fits on a shoe and foot can be made.


The current status of these processes can be managed on the web.

Insole Service Diagram