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What is LastMeasure?

LastMeasure is a software toolbox which is specialized for shoe lasts.
LastMeasure simplifies a variety of operations related to shoe lasts.

By using INFOOT, users can scan shoe lasts on LastMeasure.
LastMeasure can digitalize the actual shoe lasts, so it can help users reduce the stock of shoe lasts.

Some of the operations with shoe lasts such as scanning, obtaining feather-edge, splitting upper and bottom of the last can be bothersome if you use one of the prevalent CAD software.
Generated data can be exported as STL or OBJ and managed in the database in LastMeasure.


  1. Scanning shoe lasts by INFOOT or loading CAD data created by the other CAD software.
  2. Generating data such as feather edge and splitting the upper and the bottom of a shoe last.
  3. Managing data in LastMeasure database and export in CAD formats.
  4. Quantifying the measurements of shoe lasts by Kagami-Method Plugin for LastMeasure

note On Kagami-Method, please visit Kagami-Method School



Obtaining shoe last shape/measurements

Shoe lasts can be scanned on LastMeasure by using INFOOT.
Accurately obtaining each measurements and shape of shoe lasts such as the bottom length and circumference.
If you have CAD data of shoe lasts, it is also possible to load to LastMeasure.

Generating feather edge

Most of shoe lasts have feather edge, a part of a shoe last which separate the upper and the bottom of shoe lasts.
However, it is difficult for optical laser scanning systems, including INFOOT, to capture the part as sharp as it is.

LastMeasure can recover the feather edge and generate line data from it, irrespective of whether it is data scanned by INFOOT or the other scanners.

Splitting Upper/Bottom

LastMeasure can separate the upper and bottom of a shoe last and generate mesh data from these respectively.

Generating Insole Base

Insole base, whose bottom is flat, can be generated from shoe last data and it can be used for generating insole data.
Generated insole base can be used in InsoleEditor to generate insole data which fit on a given shoe shape.

Shape data, scan data information and measurements can be databased and managed easily.
Exporting Data
Generated data can be exported as general CAD file format such as STL and OBJ.
Measuremnet data is exported as CSV file.
Comparison between foot and a shoe last
In LastMeasure, foot data can be imported and amended to fit on the shoe last data.
This function enables users to visually compare shoe lasts with foot.
Kagami-Method Plugin
This plugin enables users to generate Kagami Fundamental Lines onto shoe last data.
Thanks to this function, shoe last measurements can be quantitatively described or compared.
Also, by using Kagami-Method Plugin for Diplus, the relation between foot and a shoe last can be described quantitatively.


Working Environment
PC PC/AT compatible PC with USB2.0 Interface
OS Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10
CPU x86 compatible 1.6GHz or more
(Multi-core CPU recommended)
RAM 2GB or more
Graphics Corresponds to the OpencGL the graphic card
HDD For software installation being less crowded above 20MB necessity.