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What's INFOOT?

INFOOT is a non-contact 3D foot scanner.
The fundamental functionality is to obtain human-foot shape and its anatomical measurements.
Scanning and building database are conducted on the PC by using companying software.
Also, by using one of the optional software "LastMeasure", shoe lasts can be scanned as well.

The scanner deploys red lasers and CCD cameras which captures the lasers.
The scanning time is approximately 10 seconds depending upon how the size of scanning objects.

There are two types of INFOOT, namely Standard Type and High Type. The height of objects Standard Type and High Type can capture are 150mm(roughly above the ancle) and 250mm(roughly lower part of a leg), respectively.


The shape data is saved as the proprietary, 3D point-clouds binary data file format, however, By using one of the optional software "File Converter", it can be exorted into "CSV", "DXF", "STL" etc. which can be used in most of the CAD software.

By using landamerk stickers, INFOOT can recognize anatomical landamerks of feet.
Based on the anatomical landmarks, measurements such as foot length, foot circumference and foot width are obtained.
These measurements can be stored in the database.

For further information about measurements, please refer to "Details of Measurements"


  1. Anatomical Measurements
  2. One of the features of INFOOT is to capture anatomical landamrks and measurements.
    By using landmark stickers, at maximum, 19 landmarks and 23 measurements can be obtained.
    We believe the most important thing about scanning feet is the definition which has scientific reproducibility as well as being able to re-describe it based on the definition.
  3. Accuracy and Speed
  4. Despite taking only a few seconds to scan, the scanning descrapancy is less than 1.0mm in terms of foot length.
  5. Trust and Safety
  6. For more than 20 years, in the field of retail, custom shoe making, R&D and academic research, INFOOT has been gaining the requtation of trust all across the globe.
    Since we use Class1 (JIS C 6802) lasers, there is no harm in looking at the laser projection directly.
  7. Diverse Scanning Objects
  8. INFOOT can scan bare feet, feet on socks, foot models and, if LastMeasure is used, even shoe lasts with good accuracy.
  9. History of your Foot
  10. INFOOT generates an iTouch ID for each person who have their feet scanned.
    iTouch ID connects all the scannings of the same person conducted in different occasions.
    This is to make history of individuals' feet.
    Scanned feet can be checked in iTouch Information Services at any time.
  11. Portability
  12. A sturdy carry case is available.
  13. Expantion
  14. Scanned data can be used with a variety of our services to help research and business related to feet.
  15. One Stop
  16. I-Ware Lab does all of manufacturing, selling and supporting(domestic).

Optional Software

By default, INFOOT is companied with scanning software(Measure), foot database(DB Controller) and condition checking software(Tester), but there are a variety of optional software available.

INFOOT Optional Software
  1. File Converter
  2. I-Ware Lab's unique binary data can be converted to the other CAD formats by drag and drop.
    Also, it is possible to set Measure Software to save and export foot data to given format simultaneously.
    Convertible Formats: CSV, DXF(point cloud, polygon), VRML, STL(ascii, binary), OBJ
  3. Real Size Print
  4. Real Size Print is the software to print a parting line, a contact area and circumference of scanned foot in the actual scale on an A4 or A3 size paper.
  5. Foot Reformer
  6. When foot is scanned by INFOOT, the bottom of the foot becomes flat.
    Foot Reformer is the software which modifies the foot as though it is in a shoe by bending it or swelling the bottom to reproduce the state of unloaded foot.
  7. LastMeasure
  8. LastMeasure is usually used to reduce the workload related to shoe lasts and their CAD-work.
    However, it is possible to connect INFOOT and scan an object via LastMeasure.
    Then, by scanning with the process which is specialized for shoe lasts, you can obtain better results than the ones canned by Measure software.

Scanned Data Sample

Point Clouds
Point Clouds
Surface Model
Surface Model
Bottom Foot
Bottom Foot


ModelStandard TypeHigh Type
Type of Product 3D Foot Scanning System
Product Name INFOOT USB Standard Type INFOOT USB High Type
Product Model IFU-S-01 IFU-H-01
Dimensions 685(L) × 400(W) × 310(H) mm 685(L) × 400(W) × 430(H) mm
Power Supply 100-240V ±10% ∼50/60Hz
Power Consumption Max 150W
Total Weight* (Body Weight) 35kg (26kg) 40kg (31kg)
Safety Agency Approivals CSA, CE
* includes a pair of foot stages and a handrail
ModelStandard TypeHigh Type
Temperature 15-40°C
Humidity 35-60%
Installation Loacation Indoor use only
ModelStandard TypeHigh Type
Scan Speed 30mm/sec
Accuracy 1.0mm step : Y(W)-Z(H)=1mm, X(L)=2mm
0.5mm step : Y(W)-Z(H)=1mm, X(L)=1mm
Data Format FBD (proprietary binary data format)
Scan Area 400(L) × 200(W) × 150(H) mm 400(L) × 200(W) × 250(H) mm
ModelStandard TypeHigh Type
Scanning Target Human Foot, Land Marker
(It may not be possible to scan objects which absorb laser or are lustrous.)
Foot Maximum Size L=380mm, W=180mm
Maximum Weight 200kg
PC requirements
ModelStandard TypeHigh Type
OS Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10 (32 bit, 64 bit)
CPU x86compatible 1.66GHz or more (Multicore CPU recommended)
Memory 2GB or more
Interface More than 2 ports of USB2.0 (USB Hub possible: INFOOT USB and Licence Key)
Screen Resolution 1024×768 pixels or more
(1280×800 ore more recommended)
Strage 20MB free space for INFOOT software installation required
(Approcimately 1MB is used when saving foot data)

Dimensions (Unit:mm)

Standard Type
Dimensions Standard Type
High Type
Dimensions High Type