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What is InsoleEditor

InsoleEditor is the software to design a customized insole for each foot and a pair of shoes.

Based on insole base data generated by LastMeasure and foot data scanned with INFOOT
InsoleEditor generates and modify insole data.
By doing so, it is possible to generate insole data which fit both a shoe and foot very easily.
No 3DCAD expertise is required.

With another optional software makeNC, NC data for milling both sides of insole can be generated.

Insole and NC data generation are offered as a web service as well.


Main Functions
  • Insoles which fit on feet
  • Insoles which fit on shoes
  • Detailed customization of insoles
  • Batched customization by scripts
  • Exporting shape data as OBJ and CSV
  • Generating NC data by optional software
  • Insole generation offered on the web

Since the bottom shape of foot captured by INFOOT is used, InsoleEditor can create shapes of insoles which fit on each customer.
Also, additional customization is possible to add more features to insoles.

By using insole base data, which is a flatten bottom shape of shoe lasts, an insole shape, which fit on a given shoe, can be created.
By doing so, it becomes possible to control the position of foot in the shoe.
Insole base data can be generated individually from each shoe last by LastMeasure.


Various functions to customize insoles are deployed

  • Flattening the fore foot
  • Set the thickness of fore and rear foot individually
  • Locate an insole pad designed in the other CAD software
  • Smoothening and dimpling the insole shape
  • Heel cup extension
  • Automated alignment of foot and an insole (only when using Kagami-Method Plugin´╝ë
are the examples.
Also, if you create a "script" composed of those functions, by only a few clicks, you can conduct the same customization every time.

Once insole shape is generated, the shape data can be exported in the form of OBJ or CSV.
If the data is saved as ISB, which is the unique data format, NC milling data can be generated from it in one of the optional software "makeNC".
makeNC is a specialized CAM software dedicated to mill materials, which are soft and difficult, safely and fast.

We also offer web-based service "Custom Insole Service" such as generating insole shape data or its NC data, as well as manufacturing customized insoles.

makeNC : CAM software specialized for insole materials

It enables its users to mill insole materials such as EVA fast and accurately and it requires only a few steps to generate NC data.

Materials such as EVA are usually soft and sticky, so it is generally difficult to mill such materials.
Milling machines have to endure intense load, the materials can be melted and the edges can be broken, so it is difficult to mill the materials in accordance with the insole design and time consuming in case insoles are milled slowly to avoid such problems.
If users try to generate complicated NC data to accelerate the speed of milling, ordinary CAM software requires users to have certain skills and it takes a lot of time to operate since the insole shape is different every time.
It is especially difficult if users try to mill both sides of materials by CNC milling machines.

makeNC optimizes the milling speed depending on which part of insole is milled when milling insoles, so that the total amount of time is reduced.
Also, milling methods and their settings such as order and detail can be saved so once settings are decided, you can generate NC data by just a few clicks.


Working Environment
PC PC/AT compatible PC with USB2.0 Interface
OS Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10
CPU x86 compatible 1.6GHz or more
(Multi-core CPU recommended)
Memory 2GB or more
Graphics Corresponds to the OpencGL the graphic card
HDD For software installation being less crowded above 20MB necessity for both InsoleEditor and makeNC.